I did a skinship for the second time.

HEXzHOWoPs 2 811 05.22 21:47

I met him in a blind date, 

The first meeting was good.

I liked it.

I talked to each other and I broke up.


At the second meeting

You drank with me,

The man came first

I kissed her.

There was no other kind of touching other than touching my neck.

I stopped first and my opponent did not come any closer.


But I was thinking about drinking alcohol.

It's awkward.

I think I was too easy

I regret it.


Keep in touch,

I like it, though.

I'm afraid it will be a light meeting.


And I can not judge whether I meet or not because of my skinship.

How can I cope?


NYbDYdttOK 05.22 21:53
Oh it's too fast.
osUsR 05.22 21:53
cheer up!
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